Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Time Someone Talked About It

It might as well be me. You know how your parents listen to those songs from the good ol' days? You know, like Tom Petty, The Who, Clapton, Springstein, Rolling Stones, you get the picture.  The point is, I don't know about you but I still listen and thoroughly enjoy all of the above artists on a regular basis.

Here is the dilemma.  What music are we going to pass on to the next generation? Lil' Wayne? I mean we all enjoy bumpin some Weezy when we are partying, but are we going to introduce our children to 'Lollipop' when they are riding in the car with us?  Probably not.  Not to say that there are not any sexual references in the great music of the 70s, after all it was the era of marijuana and rock and roll.  The Who abused hard drugs and quite obviously, so did Ozzy Osbourne. 

So what makes that music better than the Hip Hop and R&B we constantly blast as we drive through town with the windows down and the system up?  In other words, what makes music that will last?  The simple answer is an amazing guitar rift or a catchy beat with undertones of piano or acoustic guitar.  It has to be a song you would want to karaoke to at a bar with your friends, not grind on a girl to at a club.

When I think about it I believe I figured out the trend.  Rap music is not a generational genre, it is a culture specific one.  It is targeted at the 30 and under crowd.  To be blunt, it's a phase that we will grow out of.  While sitting in your office cranking out files you are not going to be bumping to Jay-Z or Soulja Boy (Who we will argue is not even an artist).  Now that is not to say that Jay is not an amazing artist whose work will remain long after he has passed from the hip hop community.

The final point is the proposed solution to the dilemma.  The music of the 90s and even current alternative rock and mellow piano and guitar songs will make the cut. 

Dave Matthews Band
Jack Johnson
The Fray
John Butler Trio
John Mayer
Gary Go
Third Eye Blind
Blink 182
John Legend
Goo Goo Dolls
Green Day

And you get the idea.  If we are smart we will pass all of these artists and more along to the next generation as well as the ones we received from our parents.  If they could last till our time, it should last beyond our time.  I really want to hear your thoughts on this one guys.  I feel it is an interesting topic that needs serious consideration.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This post became much deeper than anticipated...

"I've not got a words with way"
-Speak, Gary Go

....But I will try my best.

You know those times you want some mellow music to help you relax?  Well I am sitting here, the night before an exam.  Am I studying?  Not anymore.  I am listening to 'Wonderful' by Gary Go.

But this is not just a music blog.  How about we talk about something important to me, and I will assume you as well; friends.  In fact, it was my buddy Nick that introduced me to the song above, which I have only grown to like more and more.  The point is, your friends influence everything you do and honestly, I view my best buds as my brothers. 

The five of us have made many pacts around the self-proclaimed "manfires" we would have.  Is it naive to believe I will be friends with them for the rest of my life? I would argue not.  Although none of us go to the same school and one is entering the Marine Corps. in a few months, we are still close.  I mean we are destined to be each other's best men in our weddings.  (A little far off right?) Well, we hope so.

When it comes down to it, you have numerous acquaintances, many friends, and only a few people that love you.  I know what you are thinking, "Bromance!"  Not at all.  You have to be mature enough to realize that true friends love each other.  I love my buddies and honestly I miss those manfires right about now.

If you do get a chance to read this, take a second to think about the friends you can say you truly love.  Those will be your friends for many years to come.